As part of its 6th International Encounter for Young Dance Artists “How to dance in times of crisis?” in Berlin from December 21, 2022 to January 6, 2023, the Initiative LUNA PARK is now realizing the collective performance format for the third time. For 03, the participants worked together to create their own short performances, including solos and group pieces, some as works in progress, which will be presented to the public at Studio 1 of the Uferstudios in Berlin-Wedding on January 4 and 5, 2023.

The exchange program “How to dance in times of crisis?” has already been organized by the Initiative LUNA PARK since 2016 with annual encounters in Berlin and Athens. How does our understanding of art change in times of serious social upheaval, in times of local and global crises? How does our artistic expression change? Do we dance differently in times of crisis? Can dance move something – even outside the theater? These are some of the questions the participating young dancers deal with in the lectures, seminars and discussions, and also with dance-theoretical and philosophical approaches to the conception and evaluation of contemporary dance and performance art. They are supported and curated by experienced choreographers and dance artists, who also lead practical workshops in choreography and improvisation as well as joint dance rehearsals, and who support the young artists in particular in their work on their own projects, which will be shown as part of 03.

Cast and Performance
Artistic direction, concept and curatorial advising: Kosmas Kosmopoulos | Choreography and performance: Themis Andreoulaki, Sofia Bagiopoulou, Meri Giannoula, Sofia Gousgoula, Maia Joseph, Cecilia Castellari, Io Katsimicha, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Nefeli Kremezi, Angeliki Lountzi, Eirini Moraitelli Theodora Sarri, Greta Schuster, Iokasti Zografou | Assistance: Katerina Gevetzi, Davide Lorenzi, Christina Kalogeraki | Original music: Antonios Palaskas | Stage design: Eduard Mont, Dr. Georgia Touliatou | Technical direction and lighting design: Dimitrios Stamatis | Text and dramaturgical advising: Kai Pichmann, Dr. Maria Tsouvala | Production management and communication: Fee Josten, Anna Königshofer | Photography and documentation: Giovanni Lo Curto

Performances / Presentations
January 04, 2023, 7:00 pm
January 05, 2023, 7:00 pm
Uferstudios (Studio 1), Badstr. 41a, 13357 Berlin 03 – Presentations on January 04 and 05 at 7:00 pm with, among others:
_“Last Night’s Dream” (group piece, work in progress, choreography: Britt Angus, music: Nicolas Black Elk, performance: Dora Sarri, Themis Andreoulaki, Sofia Bagiopoulou, Konstantina Dodekatou – 10 mins)
_“A manual for co-existing” (duet, work in progress, choreography and dance: Irini Moraitelli, Meri Giannoula – 15 mins)
_“Yes! And…” (trio, choreography and music: Nikoleta Koutitsa, performance: Maia Joseph, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Tabea Wittulsky – 25 mins)
_“In good hands” (Solo, work in progress, choreography, performance: Ioanna Karategou – 10 mins, only on 04 Jaunuary 2023)
_“Ceci n’est pas une Crise: WorkInProgress” (Solo, work in progress, choreography, performance and text: Io Katsimicha, video and sound design: Chryssa Megalokonomou – 10 mins, only on 05 Jaunuary 2023)
_“NOMAD/ بدوي” (Solo, work in progress, choreography, performance: Mohamed Ben Salah – 5 mins, only on 04 January 2023)
_“I found you exploding” (Solo, work in progress, choreography, performance: Meri Giannoula – 10 mins, only on 05 January 2023)
_“pressPLAY” (group piece, work in progress, choreography: Katerina Gevetzi, performance: Ioanna Karamanou, Ioanna Karategou, Nefeli Kremezi, Dora Sarri, Themis Andreoulaki, Sofia Bagiopoulou, Konstantina Dodekatou, Britt Angus, Maia Joseph, Irini Moraitelli, Meri Giannoula , Io Katsimicha, Angeliki Lountzi – 20 mins) 03 is directed by the choreographers and dance educators Kosmas Kosmopoulos (Berlin) and Katerina Gevetzi (Athens). The initiator and organizer of the project is the Berlin-based Initiative LUNA PARK in cooperation with the LOUNA PARK organization in Athens. The project takes place within the framework of the exchange program “How to dance in times of crisis?” and is funded by the German-Greek Youth Office (DGJW). The project is supported, among others, by the Gesundbrunnen Primary School, the Uferstudios in Berlin-Wedding and by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program, graduate funding DIS-TANZ-START of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. The Uferstudios are also hosting the workshops, rehearsals and presentations of 03.