How to dance in times of crisis?

|22.10.-07.11.22| in Athens and Berlin

Also this year 20 politically interested young dance artists and dance enthusiasts will meet in the framework of the German-Greek exchange program to train and discuss together. The program starts in Athens from October 22 to November 7, 2022, where rehearsals will take place in the Industrial Park Plyfa; M54 collectivespace and at Cumana dance. It continues from 17.12.2022 to 02.01.2023 in Berlin, where the group has in particular the premises of the Gesundbrunnen elementary school at its disposal.

How to dance in times of crisis?” allows for an exchange on how current experiences of crisis can be worked through and expressed in an artistic-performative way. Do we dance differently in times of crisis? Can dance move something – even outside the theater? On the basis of contributions developed in advance (videos, photos, texts), which the two groups bring with them, scenic and dance sequences will be developed and ideas exchanged. In addition, dance-theoretical and philosophical approaches to the conception and evaluation of contemporary dance and performance art will be discussed. Another focus of the meeting will be on intercultural encounters and the question of which differences and which similarities the young dance artists with different cultural backgrounds bring with them; both in terms of their dance practice and in relation to experiences of intolerance, social exclusion and discrimination in their home countries.

The program participants will deal with these two complexes of questions in lectures, seminars and discussions during the encounters in the two European capitals. They will be supervised and supported by renowned choreographers and dance scholars, who will also lead practical workshops in choreography and improvisation as well as joint dance rehearsals, and who will also support the young artists in working on their own projects. Kosmas Kosmopoulos is the team leader of the German group, Dr. Maria Tsouvala is the team leader of the Greek group.

The exchange program will also feature the preview of the dance performance “Birds of Paradise” and the newly revised dance performance “Crossing the Freeway: Outside.” The activity program will be rounded off by visits to dance theater performances and exhibitions and, last but not least, by exploring the two major European metropolises together.

“How to dance in times of crisis?” has been organized annually in Berlin and Athens by the LUNA PARK initiative since 2016. Dance professionals up to the age of 27 who are, have been, or are interested in dance training can participate. The exchange program is sponsored by the German-Greek Youth Office (DGJW).

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