We were invited! With the production Puss in Boots to the 9th German Children’s Theater Festival.

We were invited! With the production Puss in Boots to the 9th German Children’s Theater Festival.

The talking cat invites the audience to sing along: “Cat’s litter box, cat’s litter box, yes that makes the cat happy.” In “Puss in Boots,” 19 students from Gesundbrunnen Elementary School interpret the fairytale of the poor miller’s boy who inherits nothing but a cat. But because the tomcat is so grateful that the miller lets him live, he makes sure that the poor miller’s son becomes a king.

In 2021, the young actors began to rehearse with Kosmas Kosmopoulos and Ron Rosenberg, at that time still under difficult pandemic conditions – online. Since this year, the project has picked up speed once again in the “real” rehearsal room: The children, the majority of whom did not grow up speaking the language of the Brothers Grimm, give their roles completely new and personal facets. The king might say goodbye with the words “Ciao, I’m going to town to eat a kebab,” or the whole ensemble, from the mouse to the king, might suddenly start dancing to “Hey DJ”.

The fact that we are the only school theater group to be invited to Lübeck makes us all the more proud! Under the title “I You We”, a total of six productions by and for children will be shown there at the German Children’s Theater Festival from 06.10.-09.10.2022.

Our performance: Sat, 08/10, 09.30, Kammerspiele Lübeck, tickets for 3,- Euro each available at the theater box office or directly here.

Acting and dance: 19 pupils* of the Gesundbrunnen elementary school in Berlin-Wedding / Artistic direction, concept, choreography and training: Kosmas Kosmopoulos / Direction and theater pedagogy: Ron Rosenberg / Theater text: Caroline Kahmann, Klaus Stephan (MiK Jugendkunstschule Berlin Mitte) / Dramaturgical advice: Kai Pichmann / set and costumes: Michael Graessner, Lia Rutenberg / technical coordination: Amos Schöler (Heimathafen Neukölln) / production assistance: Cecilia Castellari, Dora Sarri, Davide Lorenzi (European Solidarity Corps) / photography and documentation: Giovanni Lo Curto / design and graphics: Florian Wenig, Kai Pichmann / Production management and communication: Carmen Maria Jentzsch / Pedagogical management and consulting: Luris Farhat, Olcay Erdemir

Our project “Der gestiefelte Kater” (Puss in Boots) is funded within the framework of the action program “Catching up with Corona for children and young people” by the Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung e.V. (BKJ).


About the German Children’s Theater Festival: Since 2004, the festival has stopped at one theater every two years. It is the only nationwide event to present productions with children for children. In this way, it makes the diversity of themes, materials and forms of play in the field of children’s theater publicly visible.

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