The 7th International Encounter for Young Dance Artists, “How to dance in times of crisis?”, takes place in Athens from October 21th, 2023, and includes lectures, seminars, discussions, and practical choreographic workshops. During the event, participants collaborate to create their short performance pieces, some of which are works in progress. In this frame, the series of performances 04 will be presented to the public at PLYFA on November 2nd and 3rd 2023.

Some of the projects that will be featured in the series of performances 04 at PLYFA are the following:

_ Unbound (solo, work in progress, choreography/performance: Angeliki Anargyrou, original music: Antonios Palaskas – 40 minutes) The work is a contemplative journey through the present and the past. It’s a associative return to fleeting mnemonic traces of experiences that shape the human condition. The work represents an open process of self-narration that seeks answers to the questions: “Is this a body that adapts to its external environment? Is it a body flooded with emotions, one that touches and is touched, one that sees and is seen?”

_ Mellem (group work, work in progress, choreography/performance: Evangelia Damianou, Michael Logothetis-Alafragkis, Evita Manou, Evi Symeonidou, music: Manos Nazlis – 20 minutes) “Mellem” means “between.” Between two points, between two poles that constantly redefine the relationship of a person with themselves and their relationship with others. The personal becomes collective, and vice versa, with bodies engaging in dynamic interactions, continuous oscillations, and, ultimately, harmonising around a common question: “How do we experience transition, uncertainty, the in-between?”

_ Kedos (Lamentation) (group work, work in progress, concept and choreography: Anna-Maria Karounou, Panagiota Bafouni, Angie Sarigeorgiou, Anthi Stasinou, performance: Anna-Maria Karounou, Panagiota Bafouni, Anthi Stasinou – 20 minutes) The work constitutes an attempt to approach mourning (Kῆδος, in ancient Greek). A concept with multifaceted expressions, connected to the idea of care, grief, unfinished business, maturity, and the transition from one era to another.

Cast and Performance
Artistic direction and curatorial advising: Kosmas Kosmopoulos | Coaching, Training and Assistance: Nikos Kalyvas, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Dr. Georgia Touliatou, Dr. Maria Tsouvala | Choreography and performance: Angeliki Anargyrou, Evangelia Damianou, Michael Logothetis-Alafragkis, Evita Manou, Evi Symeonidou, Anna-Maria Karounou, Panagiota Bafouni, Angie Sarigeorgiou, Anthi Stasinou, Sofia Gousgoula, Maia Joseph, Davide Lorenzi | Technical direction and lighting design: Dimitris Stamatis | Text and dramaturgical advising: Kai Pichmann | Production management and communication: Effie Athanasodimitropoulou | Photography, Videography and documentation: Giovanni Lo Curto

Performances / Presentations
Thursday, November 02, 2023, 9:00 pm
Friday, November 03, 2023, 9:00 pm
PLYFA, Korytsas 39, Athens
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Free entrance; please contact for reservation.

Production and Support 04 is directed by choreographers and educators Kosmas Kosmopoulos (Berlin), Nikos Kalyvas (Athens), and Dr. Maria Tsouvala (Athens). The work is part of the program “How to dance in times of crisis?” and is funded by the German-Greek Youth Office (DGJW) and the ERASMUS+ program “Stronger Together.” Starting in 2023, “How to dance in times of crisis?” is also co-organized and supported by the recognized professional dance school AKTINA in Athens.

The program “How to dance in times of crisis?” for young dancers is organized by the Initiative LUNA PARK e.V. in collaboration with LOUNA PARK ERGA since 2016, with annual meetings in Berlin and Athens. How does our understanding of art change in times of serious social upheaval, in times of local and global crises? How does our artistic expression change? Do we dance differently in times of crisis? Can dance move something – even outside the theater? These are some of the questions the participating young dancers deal with in the lectures, seminars and discussions, and also with dance-theoretical and philosophical approaches to the conception and evaluation of contemporary dance and performance art. They are supported and curated by experienced choreographers and dance artists, who also lead practical workshops in choreography and improvisation as well as joint dance rehearsals, and who support the young artists in particular in their work on their own projects, which will be shown as part of 04.