Since 2016, the LUNA PARK initiative has been organizing the annual German-Greek exchange program “How to dance in times of crisis?” in Berlin and Athens for politically interested young dance artists and dance enthusiasts aged up to 27 who are completing or have completed dance training or intend to do so.

How does our understanding of art change in times of serious social upheaval, in times of local and global crises? How does our artistic expression change? Do we dance differently in times of crisis? Can dance make a difference – even outside the theater? The program participants will deal with these questions in the lectures, seminars and discussions of the encounters in the two European capitals, and also with dance-theoretical and philosophical approaches to the conception and evaluation of contemporary dance and performance art. They will be supervised and supported by renowned choreographers and dance scholars, who will also lead practical workshops in choreography and improvisation as well as joint dance rehearsals, and who will also support the young artists in working on their own projects. The activity program of “How to dance in times of crisis?” is rounded off by visiting dance theater performances and festivals and, last but not least, by exploring the two major European metropolises together.

“How to dance in times of crisis?” is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Cooperation partners and supporters of the LUNA PARK initiative in the realization of this project included the Athens University of the Arts (ASKT) and the National Museum of Contemporary Arts (EMST) in Athens, the Berlin festival “Tanz im August” and the Movimentos Festival in Wolfsburg. An important contribution to the realization of “How to dance in times of crisis?” was also made by the Gesundbrunnen Primary School, the Carl Kraemer Primary School, the Weinmeisterhaus Youth Cultural Center and the Freizeithaus am Mauerpark.