Since 2019, the “Dance Encounters” project has given two young volunteers from other European countries who are interested in dance and theater arts and their communication to children and young people the opportunity to get to know the LUNA PARK initiative and our cooperation partners and to accompany and support our work for a period of up to 12 months. In doing so, they can get involved in a variety of extracurricular cultural education projects that aim to sustainably improve the educational level and creative participation of school and daycare children who predominantly have a migration or refugee background and come from socially disadvantaged families.

The volunteers assist in the preparation and implementation of dance and theater courses, workshops, project weeks, vacation programs and other events in the neighborhood of Gesundbrunnen Elementary School, a hotspot school in Berlin-Wedding and home of the LUNA PARK initiative. They accompany the children on field trips and theater visits, and help them develop their own children’s dance and theater projects with public performances. It is here that the volunteers have the opportunity to make a creative contribution with their skills and own ideas.
The project “Dance Encounters” takes place within the framework of a European Voluntary Service and is made possible by funds from the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union. The costs for accommodation, meals, travel to and from the project as well as pocket money are provided by the European Solidarity Corps. The volunteers will be supervised by volunteers and freelancers of our initiative LUNA PARK during the whole duration of the project and will be advised and supported in all matters.